Zoom, Zig-Zag, ZIP! by Penny L. Arrowood

Ahhh, fickle February with your actual and virtual highs and lows:  new work, new opportunities, slight set backs, and a return to a familiar place.  ...and just like that *snap* February is taking her leave...  SO much news, time just flies right by.  Let us onward, shall we?  Lots o' loveliness in store, and I don't want you to miss a single bit.

Thankful Thursday - Creative Connections OR: The Joys of Showing Up by Penny L. Arrowood

Artifacts of an evening well-spent...

Artifacts of an evening well-spent...

This week I had occasion to discover once again how connected we all are, and how powerful it can be to have a moment of "full immersion" in community with others.  It started with an “if-you-are-interested” email last week from a long-time art buddy, regarding the SMASH 2018 event presented by Triangle ArtWorks.  That email prompted another, which resulted in my registration for said event.

New – Now – Neat-O by Penny L. Arrowood

compass rose.jpg

After much planning, and putting off – hemming and hawing – pondering and dismissal, the time has finally come!  …yep, Yep, YEP!  Gentle readers of Blog-land-ia, I offer you *insert drumroll and/or maniacal laughter, here*:  ART PAPER LOVE (AKA my latest love-child OR a newly minted wonderland of visual merriments with more goodness arriving weekly, for the foreseeable future)!

Thankful Thursday - Wonderful, Wacky World Wide Web by Penny L. Arrowood


In spite of the fact that there is plenty about it that I do not like, more often than not, I find that I am immensely thankful for the wonders of the world wide web.  Just this week, for example, I received an e-mail from the fine folks at Pinterest informing me that I had a “Pin Twin” *seriously!? – who even knew this was a thing?*.  Apparently, when one likes/saves/pins many things, in common with another user, one is *albeit unwittingly!* bestowed with this moniker…